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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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The Institute of EcoTourism
Bear Wallow Art Camp
Created:  Saturday, July 21, 2007
Updated:  Saturday, October 20, 2007
Recently we had the opportunity to work with Bear Wallow Art Camp students ranging in age from 6 – 11 years old. Bear Wallow Director, Nancy Dunst brought 13 budding artists to our Eco Arts & Crafts program. Bear Wallow - IET Gallery
Together we made red dirt play-dough and corn mosaic, recycle vessels, corn mosaic medallions, eco footprints, potato fabric prints and painted hand cast original southwest critter mini sculptures. 
Along with the southwest critter sculpture we took the time to review the lifestyles of each critter and the children developed haiku poetry for each piece.
          Raven, a Poem by Macey
        The black raven flys
        Through the deep, misty canyon
        Finding small road kill

Coyote, a Poem by Marino
Coyote howling
Howling,, howling at the moon
Eating fat rabbits
                   Javelina, a   Poem by Sophia
                A javelina
                Looks like a pig but its not
                Eats prickly cactus

The Jack Rabbit by Bethany
Has humongous ears
Listens to sounds of carrots
To gobble them up

                 Javelina Dumplings by Malie
              The javelina
              Sitting down eating pumpkins
              That taste like dumplings

Coyotes Sings by Alea
Coyote sings loud
Calling to the moon to bring
Light for night time hunt


            The Raven by Guinevere
           Raven glides through night
           On its silver painted wings
           Through the red canyons

Jack Rabbit by Ethan
Rabbit has big ears
To hear and to keep him cool
On hot desert nights

               Aviana Javelina by Aviana
            In the desert lives
            Aviana Javelina
            Eating prickly pear

Javelina, a Poem by Erica
Javelina eat
Purple cactus tuna fruit
Sharing with family
Bear Wallow Art Camp: Philosophy
·        To promote the joys of childhood through experience in the arts.  
·        To raise self esteem, self confidence, self and other awareness, problem solving, experimentation, self expression, creativity, visualization and critical thinking 
·        To promote the Az State School Art Standards of creating art, art in context, and art as inquiry.
 Nancy Dunst: A professional artist for 30 years, Nancy Robb Dunst has a master’s degree in Education and also in Counseling, and has been commissioned by Sky Harbor International Airport, The Herberger Family, The City of Yuma, Harkins Theaters, the City of Tempe and is in numerous art collections. She has been a long term artist (studio on site) at the Madison School District (Phx.) for 2 years,   the Sedona Red Rock High School for 2 ½ years and at the De Miguel Elementary School in Flagstaff . This will be the ninth year that she has developed and taught this Summer Art Program .
Wendy Harford
BColor me orange!
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