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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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The Institute of EcoTourism
Carrying the Gift of Water
Event Schedule
Created:  Saturday, June 2, 2007
Updated:  Saturday, October 20, 2007

Celebration Week
April 22 through April 27, 2007

In conjunction with “Water Awareness Month” and “Earth Day”

Mayor's Proclamation

This week we join hands with all people as children of water, and raise our voices in solidarity to speak for all waters. In speaking for water we speak also for ourselves for when water is threatened so are all living things.

Each year more demand is placed upon our aquifer from afar as well as from within our own community. Celebration ‘getting our bodies involved’ in the visual and physical process of celebrating our water is a positive way to inspire and support education and awareness around water/life issues.

‘CARRYING THE GIFT OF WATER’ is a grass roots, all people, all community focus and commitment towards water wisdom and preservation.

Pre Event March 20-22 (World Water Day)
Hopi and Local Student Exchange.

A group of excited school students are making history. On March 20th, elementary students from schools in Sedona are going on an adventure learning trip to Hopi. Then, students from Hopi are joining them on the return to Sedona. In some ways, it’s a chance for young children to visit with people like themselves from another world…without leaving their own state. This historic youth bridge between cultures is part of the “Carrying the Gift of Water” program developed by the Institute of EcoTourism and the Gardens for Humanity with the Hopi Nation and Black Mesa Trust. For more on “Carrying the Gift of Water” or to volunteer to help with some of the events, check this website or call the Institute of EcoTourism at 928.282.2720.

Pre Event - April 20-21 H2OPI Mesa Run
and H2OPI Run to Flagstaff

Day 1. Sunday, April 22nd
H20PI Run to Sedona and Opening Ceremony 

H2OPI Messengers Run to Sedona Carrying the Gift of Water: On April 22 at First Piggy Park, creek side, Los Abrigados Resort. Mid Afternonn

Come for a traditional welcoming ceremony! “Carrying the Gift of Water” runners from Hopi will travel 130 miles across the high desert to Sedona to begin a very special week of cultural and artist exchange. It will be the highlight of a month of events during “April is Water Awareness Month” in Sedona. The run, activities and celebrations will serve to unite the Hopi and Sedona communities. Other tribes from the region will also join in as they honor the gift of water to this desert area.

After three days, the Hopi runners will arrive in Sedona on Earth Day, April 22. There they will be greeted with a multicultural celebration hosted by members of the Hopi, Apache, Yavapai-Apache, Havasupai, Hualapai, and Navajo tribes, the City of Sedona officials, and religious leaders from other faiths.

The run from the Hopi Mesas to the banks of Oak Creek was organized by the Institute of EcoTourism in Sedona in collaboration with the Hopi Nation and Black Mesa Trust. The purpose of the ceremonial run is to raise awareness of the value of water and conservation in the desert. For more information about the events or to volunteer to help out, check this website or call the Institute of EcoTourism at 928.282.2720.

Community Viewing of the H2OPI March 2006 Mexican Run Documentary

 Documentary Film: H2OPI 2006 Run to Mexico at Harkins Movie Theaters on April 22 at 6:00 PM

Special Guest, actress Lindsay Wagner, will attend the screening of the film documenting the 1500 mile run by Hopi Water Messengers from the Hopi Mesas to Mexico City for the World Forum on Water. The Hopi runners carried messages about the Hopi Water Ethic to share with the Forum assembly. The story is one of great courage, determination and endurance on the part of the runners and their support crews. They faced long days of grueling hardships as they ran through the desert.  Lindsay Wagner, who has been a constant supporter of American Indians, will join Vernon Masayesva and other Hopi Elders in a dialogue following the film. Tickets are $10.00 per person available pre-event at the Institute of Ecotourism located at 91 Portal Lane in Sedona.

Day 2. Monday, April 23rd
 Heritage Seed Planting and Singing to the Seeds Ceremony, Crescent Moon Ranch with Gardens for Humanity

Heritage Seed Planting & Sing Ceremony at Crescent Moon Ranch on April 23

The Gardens for Humanity is partnering with the Hopis and the Institute of EcoTourism to create a meaningful cultural event at the Crescent Moon Ranch by Oak Creek in Sedona. With heritage seeds, traditional planting sticks and scared water from Hopi, children from Sedona and Hopi will start a new food garden. Elders with roots in the Hopi and Western Pioneer cultures will help guide elementary school children in the old dry farming ways.  The H2OPI Messengers will bring the seeds, planting sticks and sacred waters from Hopi to Sedona for the beginning of the “Carrying the Gift of Water” week. The gardens will continue as a natural classroom for the students teaching them important lessons about water and food in the deserts of Arizona. Collaborators include Gardens for Humanity, the Sedona Red Rock School District, The Greater Sedona Community Fund, The Institute of EcoTourism, Eden on Earth Ecological Landscaping, and you.  Please call 284-2646 or 204-2859 or 282-2720 for more information or to get involved.

Day 3. Tuesday, April 24th

Twilight Water Concert at First Piggy Park, creek side, Los Abrigados Resort
with William Eaton, Hopi and Guests.  

Twilight Water Concert with William Eaton, Hopis, NORAZ Poets & Guests at Los Abrigados Creekside Park on April 24 at 6:00 PM

Come listen and participate in this special concert to explore the ancient and contemporary rituals, myths, and stories about water.  The muse and shaman draw from an ancient language rooted in the source of primal beginnings.  The sound of wind, water, animal and birds inspired the first people to create music, story telling and expression, and continues to inspire us today.  Sit along side Oak Creek and listen to the "gift of water" as expressed by Hopi Elders Vernon Massayesva and Jerry Honawa, Uqualla, Mary Redhouse, William Eaton, Christine Eaton and special guests.  Several new gourd water drums will be unveiled and played in this concert, holding water transported from Hopi by runners from the Mesa.  Listen deeply to the water within, during a special water meditation honoring the water vessel that is each one of us.  "This concert offers us the opportunity to slow down for a moment, to feel and remember the source of our past, present and future.  Water," says musician and host, William Eaton.

Day 4. Wednesday, April 25th
Hopi and Indigenous Art Market, Los Abrigados Resort and IET, Sedona Art Center

Hopi & Indigenous Art Market at Los Abrigados Resort on April 25 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Come view and purchase fine works of Hopi and other American Indian art at this wonderful exhibition. On display will be examples of Hopi water gourds, jewelry and other pieces from the Four Corners region. 

Day 5. Thursday, April 26th
“The Future of Water”  - Sedona Public Library 

The Future of Water  through the Eyes of our Youth at The Sedona Public Library, April 26 at 6:30 PM

Come join Sedona students, the local community and guest elders from Hopi in an art and poetry exhibition on the future of water in Arizona. The exhibition will begin at 6:30PM in the community Room at the Sedona Public Library. The event is part of “Carrying the Gift of Water” Week and April is Water Awareness Month in Sedona. It is being sponsored by the Institute of EcoTourism and the Hopi Nation and hosted by the Sustainability Resource Center.

As the old adage goes, “Water is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from our children.”  The question is, are how well are we protecting what we’ve borrowed?

Day 6. Friday, April 27th
Closing Ceremony. Universal Dance and Cross Cultural Potluck
First Piggy Park, creek side, Los Abrigados Resort

Cross-Cultural Potluck Picnic & Universal Dance at Los Abrigados Creekside Park on April 27 beginning at 2PM.

Join everyone in this wonderful closing ceremony! Dr. Masaru Emoto will perform a closing ceremony. Dr. Emoto has conducted extensive research into the properties of water. He postulates that it is in the frozen crystal form that water shows its true nature. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. Some of these concepts are shared by indigenous cultures all around the world. Vernon Masayesva, former Hopi chairman, will join Dr. Emoto to talk of the meaning of water in Hopi tradition.  Members from Hopi, Havasu, Supai, Yavapai Apache and the strange WhaTaWe tribe will come together to celebrate water and our common and diverse heritage. It will be a potluck, so bring something to eat that represents your tribe. There will be traditional and modern dancing and singing. So come ready to join into what is sure to become a new annual tradition in Sedona.

 Institute of EcoTourism, Gardens for Humanity,
The Hopi Nation/Black Mesa Trust,

Sustainable Arizona, Keep Sedona Beautiful, Sedona Water Wise Alliance.


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